24 Hour Update

The Last 24 Hours of my Life:

  • Never been to Aldi before, but did my shop there- £19 for a week shop! (They don’t do lacto-free anything though, which was a bummer).
  • Had salmon pasta for tea last night.
  • Watched Poldark with Hannah last night, on her bed while doing my nails.
  • Did a L’Oreal face mask, also with Hannah.
  • Made myself a pack lunch- salmon and cream cheese on crackers, pineapple cubes, chocolate orange rice crispy bar (OMG) and pom bears.
  • Couldn’t find a car parking space this morning- subsequently late for the first lecture, which is always awkward.


  1. Lecturers don’t care if there aren’t parking spaces.

Top Tip I never realised people didn’t know:

For smudged nails:

  1. Put your nail on your tongue, so your finger essentially upside down and lick the nail in a sideways motion, gently.
  2. Do this for about 30 seconds or until the nail polish is back to its original position.
  3. Yes, it does taste gross. But you don’t have to start again!

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