Weekend Plans and Boyfriends

The past weekend has been pretty hectic, here is the run down! 

  • My parents went on holiday without me- it’s been planned for a while and was going to happen one day! 
  • So I made plans to spend the weekend with my friend, we were going to Skool Dayz (an SU event) and go shopping. This plan fell threw unfortunately as Hannah had to go home.  
  • After a phone call with my Dad on Wednesday, we decided I should come home, and not spend the weekend alone (as literally ALL my friends had gone home).
  • So Thursday I came home by train. 
  • Friday I spent the day with my Mum and had Curry and watched Greys Anatomy with my sister.
  • Saturday, I said goodbye to my family as they set off to Wales, and went and had lunch with my grandparents and then went on to Rock Up afterwards with my little cousin.
  • Saturday night was hard, the house is so so quiet without anyone in, every other time I’ve been alone I’ve had the dog.
  • Sunday (today), I had a roast at my grandmas and caught the train back with my boyfriend  (where I am now).


  1. I can’t seem to travel on a train without eating quavers. Apparently it’s a thing.
  2. Family go out of their way to make last minute plans. Even if you feel alone, there is always an easy solution. Home is always home. 
  3. This weekend I had an ugly eye as I think I poked myself during my sleep and it’s all red and blood shot. It’s ugly. 
  4. In the future, I am 100% getting a cat or dog, because being completely alone at night is actually rather terrifying. 
  5. Rock up is awesome. No matter what age.
  6. I have the best boyfriend for buying me a pink water bottle because I made a tiny comment about liking them a few weeks ago. 
  7. Train coffee isn’t that great. 
  8. I ate 7 potatoes today. And 2 puddings.

Side note: 

Long distance relationships are tough and a lot of people do break up before Uni. But as someone that did a year where my boyfriend was in Southampton, and I was in Warwick- it’s ok. It is do able. Sometimes it even makes you stronger as a couple. But it’s not for everyone. I believe that if you aren’t happy with someone, you have every right to end the relationship, it’s hard, but so much better than dragging it out when your feelings have changed. 

Having said that, there is definitely a ‘way’ of breaking up with someone. And that way is not text. Watching one of my closest friends go through a rubbish break up has really got me thinking. I appreciate my relationship more. I certainly feel very protective of her. I feel angry for her- I just think that, no matter how hard, we should always do the right thing. 

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