What I Eat in a Day



  • Scrambled egg and half an avocado, with piri piri salt on top (don’t knock it til you tried it!)
  • Vitamin drink.
  • Coffee with lacto free milk.

Coffee Shop:

  • Soya Latte


  • Chocolate orange rice cake (from Aldi- they are the best invention of all time!)


  • Crackers with lacto-free cream cheese and (other) half an avocado sliced.
  • Pineapple cubes.


  • Granola Bar


  • Tagliatelle with chicken, goats cheese, peas and mushrooms.

Side note: Tuesdays are my busiest day of the week, and I am on campus from 10 to 7, so I have to make sure I pack a lunch that will fill me all day. As someone with a few allergies, I am still trying to work out what is best for me and my diet. Fruit and vegetables is always a pain to squish into my diet as I am allergic to quite a few and of course, the milk situation doesn’t help! So I try to keep a rounded and healthy diet, but am open to any suggestions!

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