Life Update- Exams, Flames and Birthdays!

Hi everyone! 

I’m currently on a train on my way home for Jack’s birthday and I just wanted to make a little blog to explain why I’ve been so quiet recently. It’s pretty boring really- I’ve been drowning in University work! 

I marked your work in German’

This is perhaps one of the most interesting excuses for late essay feedback I’ve ever gotten! I submitted an essay, (which is then supposed to lead onto my large essay, so a bit like a mock, which counts towards my degree- pfft no biggy) and 4 weeks after I wondered why everyone else had feedback. And I didn’t. 

So I knocked on his office door and he held out some tattered little notebook and told me that he had marked it. But in German. 

Naturally I requested that it be sent to me – in English- so I can use the feedback for my essay. 

8 weeks later, exactly 2 weeks before the deadline for this Beast of an essay, I still don’t have the feedback. 

Long story short- aka skipping the melt down- I walked into his office and demanded an extension. 

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have the odd melt down over deadlines or stress. Well probably one per deadlines… And I’m pretty lucky with such supportive parents- who listen/ watch over Skype, the meltdown occur. Actually thinking about it, watching someone freak out over Skype about deadlines is probably quite weird. But if anything that makes them all the more supportive! 

My parents have always been great at making me see things logically- so after a little pep talk, a boost and a metaphorical “man up” session- I walked into his office. With a list. And tissues. 

I told him I was at a disadvantage, I needed that feedback- IN ENGLISH, and I needed more guidance with the course (a story for another day- but the module is a joke!). After reading my script I looked up and he said “ok”. 

And that was it really. 

So yeah I got an extension. I’m still working on this one, and submitted another long essay on Wednesday. 

Jack’s Birthday 

So my only evening off this week was Jack, my boyfriends birthday- and it was sooo good! I submitted my History of Medicine essay at 10.30 at night and went and joined the pre-drinks. 

We made vodka jelly which was beautiful, delicious and completely deadly. 

We played card games and we went to an on campus event called “Pop”- which is right up my street.

I am not brilliant in clubs, I had one experience in Freshers that kind of tainted the whole idea of clubbing for me. Most of my First year at Uni I spent in my room, or in coffee shops. Going out just wasn’t really a thing I did unless my boyfriend was up visiting. 

But since Jack joined me at Uni, I have enjoyed it more- not to the point I get really excited or I will go out on a whim. But I feel safe with Jack, and so it’s always much more fun. 

Pop is basically a huge Naughties Playlist, with a bit of Busted, McFly, Pink, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and even Take That- it’s pretty much a throwback to Year 6 Discos and I LOVE IT. 

It was really good fun. 

Not so fun: walking back into the flat to find someone passed out in their own sick… that took a while to feel comfortable putting him in his room to sleep! 

Here is a sweaty, hot mess photo of Jack and I loving life in Pop the other night! 

Jack’s Birthday Morning! 

I had a really cute/ completely moronic idea for Jacks birthday breakfast. 

This is the first time it’s just been me and him on his birthday and I thought something yummy for breakfast would be a good idea. Plus we’re trying to be healthy at the moment (what with sitting at desks a lot due to exams and deadlines- we don’t wanna get any extra podge for summer). 

So I went for waffles and honey. 

And candles… 

Student accommodation- I somehow forgot- has super sensitive fire alarms. You’re basically advised not to spray deodorant, hairspray or dry shampoo up against the window. 

So I walk in and start singing happy birthday thinking I’m the cutest- Jack charges at me and blows them out. And omg the room smelt like smoke. I was convinced the alarms would go off. 

Anyway it’s the gesture that counts 🙂 
So my life recently has been pretty tedious, but I have an AWESOME Easter Holiday Blog, with loads of wonderful pictures and stories to tell you, but I want to make it a good one. So within the next couple of weeks that will be up, along with more consistent blogs- I promise! 

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Bee xoxo 

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