Hello everybody!

This is my Tallinn, Estonia blog post from my Baltic Cruise this summer and it’s the one that I am most excited about. Tallinn was my absolute favourite place we visited, which was surprising as I was super excited to visit Russia and expected it to be my favourite by a long shot.

We got off the ship, after having breakfast, and had our normal checks at the port. It was surprisingly warm. Considering it was a Baltic Cruise, the weather was fantastic. I mentioned in my previous blog (on our stop in Warnemunde) that the weather really does make a difference- and Estonia was beautifully sunny. The dock itself looked pretty plain, but after twenty minute walk to the Old Town I could totally see why people love visiting Tallinn. It literally is the cultural hub of Estonia.

Tallinn was literally like walking through Disney. It was so pretty, with arched windows and doorways, cobbled paths and a little teal train that gave us a tour of the Old Town. The juxtaposition between the Old Town and the area surrounding it was pretty impressive. On the one hand Tallinn is an ancient city dating back 5,000 years of inhabitation, with gothic architecture and medieval elements sprinkled around. On the other hand it is also the birthplace of businesses such as Skype and is ranked in one of the ten digital cities in the world. As interesting as these aspects were, I was totally sold at face value- it was stunning.


We walked along the cobbled roads, music was playing and there was a smell of fresh smoke in the air. This may sound odd, but I have always liked the smell cigarette smoke. Obviously, I don’t enjoy having it blown in my face while I’m walking down a street, but I don’t dislike the smell of it in the air. I don’t know if this is because my Grandparents used to smoke, but it just reminds me of my childhood and I like it.


One of the things that made Warnemunde and Tallinn stand out most to me was the pretty homes that lined the streets. Sometimes I think we really do miss a trick by making all our houses look so similar in the UK. Every house was bursting with character. The colour of each one varied, the doors were different, the roofing, the shape and height of windows- it all just made it feel so magical and, like I said, Disney-like.

We walked past the Tallinn town Hall and St Olaf’s church, but weren’t able to go inside. But I did make the most of the pretty houses that surrounded it: the Raekoja plats.


We then climbed up Toompea, which is the limestone hill in the central part of the city, where we looked out at the city. It was so beautiful. Where we were stood right at the top you could see almost everything. We stood and took pictures and then a few of us braved it and climbed up some ridiculously narrow and steep stairs to a little coffee shop that ran along the walls and offered some amazing looking cakes. I think if I were remotely claustrophobic I would have hated the experience.


Exploring Tallinn made me want to explore the rest of Estonia even more. I will definitely return one day! After a day of exploring we (Jack and I) had a lovely evening playing cards at the back of the drink with Hollie and Ben.

It was honestly the most perfect day. Travelling with friends is the best and so much fun.

Hope you enjoyed reading this!

Bee xoxox

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