In love with Ineffabless!

Hi everybody!

Today’s blog is a little different, it’s about a piece of jewelry I absolutely LOVE.

I am 20, going on 21, so I have a year full of friends BIG birthdays coming up and finding a present that can stay with people for a long time is really important to me. This is where Ineffabless comes in!

A few weeks ago Ineffabless approached me to try out their jewelry. I’ve never had this before and so was – as you can imagine- super excited! I went onto their webpage and was overwhelmed with the choice they have. You can choose from rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles and can even personalise them. How perfect is that for a present for a loved one?

Oh and the price is ridiculously affordable. It’s quality jewelry- for less.

I used to work in Ernest Jones and while it was quiet (which was a lot of the time!) I would pick out which pieces of jewelry I would choose for myself. But one of the things I noticed were that the styles were quite mature. Ineffabless offers really up to date, statement pieces of jewelry. The sort of statement pieces that define an outfit.

I chose these earrings:

I have seen this style earring in Accessories and Pandora, but not for the same price or quality. I had the hardest time choosing!

If you have a special birthday coming up- create your own ‘wish list’. It’s easy and then you can choose what you get!

If it’s your Mums/ Sisters/ Aunts/ friends birthday- definitely look here before any other jewelers. Or even if you fancy a pick me up- just do it!

Add a little sparkle to your life!

You can visit the Ineffabless website at:


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