New Series: ‘Teenage Struggles’

Hi everybody,

I have recently turned 21. And with this came the realisation that I’m no longer a teen. I mean, that was obvious when I turned 20 as well, but it really hit home on my 21st birthday. I’m no longer just out of my teenage years. I’m in my twenties.

It got me thinking. I experienced a lot of the stereotypical things that teenagers go through, from spots of every kind, periods from hell and body changes that seemed totally premature. I also had my fair share of mortifying moments, from embarrassing crushes, rejection, splitting my trousers at school and sitting in chewing gum (my own!!)- to list a few!

Basically your teenage years are a whirlwind of emotions- and sometimes completely crap. I have a 14 year old sister and I watch her going through exactly the same things as I did. So I thought I would start a series of blogs all about ‘teenage struggles’. I absolutely love writing my ‘girl problem’ series, and I thought I could share my own experiences (and ultimately what I’ve learnt!) with you.

So here it is, my official introduction to my new series ‘Teenage Struggles’, because the #struggleisreal 🙌

So cheers to raging hormones, friendship struggles, big ass spots that appear on school photo day and the emergence of wobbly bits! And all the things that make us stronger women💪

I will be uploading one a week (🤞) and will be posting about these on my instagram too (@abeesworld)!

Bee xoxo

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