Get Ready Faster

Mornings are sucky. Your alarm clock has been ‘snoozed’ for the third time, your bed is toasty warm and you’re busy dreaming of the weekend. You’ve been awake for a while now, just lying there, contemplating what would happen if you just didn’t get out of bed today. Quite frankly, you’re too fabulous to suffer in the morning. So here are a list of things to make the transition from dreaming to ‘come at me world’ that bit easier!


Don’t wake up to that  a l a r m   c l o c k  noise that we all despise, wake up to some feel good tunes! Here are a few of my favourite: Viva la Vida (Coldplay), Lovely Day (Bill Withers) or On Top of the World (Imagine Dragons). troy.gif

C a f f e i n e. Think of it in terms of Disney. Coffee is magic. It get’s Cinderella from rags to riches, makes Peter Pan fly and it turned a frog into a Prince for goodness sake. It’s an infinitely powerful and supernatural force. This stuff works miracles. The whirring of the coffee machine will become music to your ears.cinderella

To shower or not to shower: that is the question.

  • Yes/ To Shower: Get in there, you’ve made the commitment. You will be refreshed and will come out with your head well and truly in the game! Showers are great for prepping your skin for the day too, so why not do your skin routine in there too?
  • No/ Not To Shower: Organisation at it’s best. Evening showers are for winners! (It’s actually proven that there are skin-related benefits. Besides removing all the yuck and oils, it leaves you feeling super calm for bed!) You have less to do in the hectic morning, plus you’ve probably slept better too. The better you sleep, the better your skin and hair will look too! Result. If you want to be even more savvy, why not braid your hair before bed too? Even better, as there is not heat being used on your hair!

Keep your b e a u t y   k i n g d o m spick and span.That’s right, remove your day old coffee mug, put the contents of the makeup bag into the makeup bag, untangle your hairdryer from all the other irons and chargers and make sure all brushes are within arms reach for ‘morning-you’/zombie. It’s all about easy access, here are a few things I do:

  • Curl your eyelashes, add mascara and go (if in super rush!).
  • Want an easily applied, super long lash effect mascara? Benefit mascara.
  • Try to double up: use your lipstick as your cheek colour or your highlight as eyeshadow.
  • Opt for cream cosmetics and apply them with your fingers. ‘Zombie-You’ will love it, total ‘ug’ method and easy peasy, even if you’re half asleep. sleepy.gif

Put on some l i p s t i c k.Make you feel more glam, and make it appear as though you’ve spent longer than you have. Get some inner calm, girl. You are going to crush today. Morning frenzies are normal. joey.gif

Pre-plan your outfit, so that dreamy, motivation-lacking-You can just climb into them, without questioning what they’re doing. 7am shouldn’t involve thinking. Yes, it’s the sort of thing you did when you were 3. But does it get you out of the house looking like a put together sass ball of a woman? Yep, that’s what I thought.

Eat on the go. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (haven’t we heard that a gazillion times!) so have something you can grab quickly. Stick your toast in the toaster the night before, set out the coffee cups (and even the coffee pod!) or make some breakfast muffins. Make your lunch the night before too. Just keep it simple so you’re not running around like a headless chicken in the morning!sleep

Have some go-to hairstyles! A low pony, a messy bun, a low bun, or a plait: super quick. Practice and you will be a pro and able to do it in minutes! If you want to know more about some Easy Hair Hacks,click here for a blog post all about it. ariel.gif

Set your bag up, next to your keys and purse- ready to run out the door like the tornado Queen you are. You may be noticing a recurring theme… lay things out for Zombie-You, she needs the help. Really she does. tights 2

I hope this helps anyone who struggles to wake up in the morning and will help you turn your frazzled mornings, into oases of calm.


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