‘Chub Rub’- normalising the normal


Summer: the sun is shining, the flowers are out, there’s a freakin’ heat wave and your legs are burning (for some of us!).

The heat can make you sweat and that sweat collects in placed where skin touches skin-no matter what body type. The friction can cause mega discomfort.

Recently I heard a really nasty phrase used to describe this and it’s bothered me. Because, not only were they putting themselves down… they were offending other people.

They called it ‘Chub Rub’. 

Me everytime I hear someone utter the words ‘CHUB RUB’

The thing that frustrates me about this phrase is the suggestion that for your legs to rub you have to be chubby. 

Well, let me tell you she-who-must-not-be-named, my legs were rubbing at the age of 12 and have done ever since. I was not fat. I was athletic, ate well and funnily enough was super insecure about it at the time.

This is a girl problem (and maybe even boy!), this is not abnormal, or a reason to feel insecure. It’s just the way your body is built.

However, it’s also a pain in the bum. If you have ever experience legs rubbing it is so uncomfortable. And entirely to do with the angle of your pelvis… it’s literally the same logic as a thigh gap.

If you have a thigh gap, your legs probably don’t rub, and this is entirely to do with the positioning of your pelvis.

Even writing this, I feel a little embarrassed. This just isn’t something I like talking about, but I feel like people have to be so careful when they write this sort of thing on social media. I mean, not only are you putting yourself down, but you’re calling everyone else with ‘chub rub’ chubby! Ruuuude.

Legs rubbing can make people really insecure.

You will probably never see me in shorts, it’s not comfortable for this exact reason. But I’m not fat. I’ve got thicker thighs. That’s it.

Top Tips for anyone who’s legs do rub:

  1. Coconut oil. Lasts ages and is the BOMB. My no. 1 go-to.
  2. Vaseline. This can rub off quicker, but in desperate times!
  3. Talcon powder (just mind it doesn’t get on your clothes!).
  4. Cycling shorts. These are great under longer dresses.
  5. Place a barrier between the parts that hurt. I wear floaty trousers a lot in the summer and it’s because I avoid the whole leg rubbing situation altogether.  I’m comfortable.
When I wore this dress to Grad Ball you can bet your bottom dollar I was wear spanks… that went to just above my knees! I was taking no risks of my legs rubbing that night… and up until now nobody knew!

If you do have legs that rub together, let this be a reminder that it’s OK. It’s normal.

Now go forth and enjoy the warmer weather without fear of friction!

Nature did not make a woopsy daisy when it made you. You are perfect.

Bee xoxo

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