Bye, bye impossible beauty standards

Hello everybody,

Wanna know what can kiss my a**?

Impossible beauty standards.

I saw the latest Calvin Klein ‘plus size’ model advert the other day and it’s bonkers.

Beauty standards are impossible because everyone is different.

I will never look like the retouched perfection of women in ads.

It’s so easy (especially when companies like Calvin Klein suggest size 10 is plus size) to feel inadequate. These airbrushed adverts setting beauty standards prey on our deepest insecurities and set an expectation of what a woman should look like.

Remember you are UNIQUE and perfectly imperfect.

I challenge you to focus on the things you LOVE about yourself, the quirks that make you YOU.

You’ve gotta rock what you’ve got, gal.

Wanna know a secret? I bought a multipack of pants from M&S the other day… and someone had swapped one of the size 10’s for a size 16. But being pants, I couldn’t return them. These size 16 pants are the BEST PANTS EVER. I realised I wear these skimpy little knickers, that are meant to give you an invisible pant line or appear sexy (or simply give you a wedgey all day), and I don’t really know why… it’s certainly not for comfort. So I’ve been channeling my inner Bridget Jones recently and wearing some big ol’ knickers… and I’m loving it. Bye bye impossible standards.

TMI? Maybe.

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