Mallorca Look-Book


Today I’ve created a little Holiday ‘Look-Book’ from my trip to Mallorca last week. I’ve never been there before, but my boyfriend’s family have a house in Palma Nova and have done for years- which meant that they showed me some of the best bits of the island.

I didn’t take as many photos as I had intended, mostly because I was too busy drinking sangria/ wine/ beer/ you-name-it-I-drank-it #classy, consuming countless ice lollies and swimming in the pool to the point my hair has a little green tinge to it!

One particular day, I took no photos at all as we were at the water park, which was AWESOME (besides winding myself on one of the slides *flash back to thinking I was dying and wondering when the heck this slide would end* and having a permanent wedgie all day). If you find yourself in Mallorca I highly recommend going.

I love a good nosey at other people’s Holiday ‘Look-Books’ so I hope you enjoy skimming through this!


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