Kayaking Hell with Boyfriend

Happy Sunday!

A little something-something you might not know about me: I turn into a hot mess when placed in a kayak.

Don’t let the smile deceive you, I had fought off crazy resilient spiders (even the paddle wasn’t enough for them to bugger off) and had a soggy bottom. Kayaking, for me, can go from great fun to terrifying in seconds.

A few years ago we went kayaking in France with my family and I shared a kayak with Jack… it’s safe to say there was no button left un-pushed. Looking back on it now we laugh but as we zig-zagged down the French river, hitting every low branch on the way, beaching ourselves countless times and being covered in all things creepy crawlies- it really put our relationship to the test!

It wasn’t until recently that my Mum informed us that the entire family could hear us cursing each other as we battled our way down the river… which is impressive because we were PRETTY far behind everyone else.

So kayaking often falls to the bottom of my want-to-do lists, but yesterday was really good fun, despite having a soggy bottom afterwards. My sister and I went in individual kayaks which definitely helped!


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