What I have figured out since Graduating #realisingstuff

Today I am channelling my inner Kylie Jenner and am writing a blog all about ‘realising stuff’.

realising stuff

Since finishing University I have learnt a heck of a lot. About myself, about employers and about what I want.

In a nut shell, I finished University on the last day of May, got my dream job in mid-June and by the start of August I was made redundant. So I’m back looking for Graduate jobs and I’m finding it really tough.

So here is what I have figured out so far:


Leaving University this was my plan: go into Marketing at Assistant Level, ideally for a cosmetics company (an area of interest of mine and super competitive), work there for 6 months, allowing me to do my CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) Professional Level Qualification, which would allow me to progress in the company or go elsewhere as a chartered professional.

The reality really didn’t match up to this. I never realised how much I loved plans, until mine fell apart. But what I learnt (or am still learning) is to go with the flow. You can spend weeks, months, years trying to plan and pre-empt everything, but the things you don’t anticipate will be the things to catch you out. You can’t plan everything.

I felt really powerless when I lost my job, I had no back up plan and did not see it coming- it wasn’t part of my ‘well thought out’ plan when I left University.

My outlook has changed a lot since being made redundant, but I firmly believe things happen for a reason. Sometimes it’s better to ditch the plan and go with the flow.

In the wise words of a bad ass blue fish: just keep swimming.



How you deal with a situation says more about you than the situation itself. I have felt every emotion since leaving University, from excitement, anxiousness, self-doubt, ambition, success, regret, embarrassment and frustration. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster.

Success and failure really do go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. The reality is that the road to success is one failure, stacked on top of another, stacked on top of another- making you stronger, more resilient. Taking failure in your stride makes you strong. If you give up, you will never know what could have been possible.

If you are faced with a frankly shit scenario you have two options: face it or give up. If you give up you have zero chance of turning the situation around, making it better or making it work for you- you take away even the chance of success.

Positivity is such a challenge when you feel damaged, but it makes for a much happier you.


In the long run, happiness is all that matters.

After being made redundant I really panicked about finding another job. While I would love to just enjoy my time off, I can’t help but constantly be reminding myself that I can’t afford to be off for too long.

Equally, however, I am not happy to settle for any old job either. I want to be happy.

What we seem to forget is that we’re actually in control of our own lives. You have one life, live it the way you want to. Don’t settle for second best and don’t you dare take any less than your deserve.

It’s so much easier said than done, and it takes a lot of courage, but take back control. You and only you carry the responsibility of becoming the best version of yourself and only you can determine your happiness.


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