16 Things I Have Loved This Summer

Despite my best efforts to reign in my ‘treat-yo-self’ mentality, new products and clothes always seem to sneak into my basket. As a previous ginger and current blond, I am pretty fair skinned so I will take anything that will stop me from resembling a tomato.

I love the idea of sporting that natural look in the summer – and I try my best to do it – with minimal makeup, natural beach waves and let the freckles sneak out. Buuuut in reality I still like a little bit of coverage and I’ll try anything to tame my mane.

Here are the things I have been loving throughout the freakin’ wonderful heat wave the UK has had.

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I have pretty sensitive skin and the Bare Minerals, though a little pricier, are by far the best for me. I rarely have under the skin spots when I use their products and it’s great for those with oily skin (👋 sup, how you doing?). Not only does the product give a really lovely matte finish, it looks really natural too. It comes in a little pot and lasts a ridiculously long time, so it’s definitely worth the £21. You can check it out here.


As I mentioned earlier, my skin can be pretty oily and I’ve found it really hard to find a foundation that doesn’t end up looking cakey. For years I tried loads of different brands and a variety of coverage levels and I have just found this one to be the best. It’s really light and has SPF 20 in it (bonus!). It’s gives a flawless finish, is easily blended and doesn’t melt off your face. The amount of times I’ve looked in a mirror at 2pm and my makeup is making a run for my neck is ridiculous, so I very much appreciate my makeup staying put. Have a look here.Processed with VSCO with g3 preset


Calling fellow stubby eyelash gals- these are fantastic. Uni really got me into fake eyelashes, but it took a while for me to put them on properly without looking like a plonker. I personally found the accents to be better, more subtle but equally as dramatic look. They’re also super light weight too, the amount of times I have been sat in a Kebab Shop after a night out with my lashes beside my fries having got ticked off with how heavy they are. It’s quite a look, honestly. But these you barely notice and are super reasonably priced.


Did I steal it from my sister? Yes. Do I regret it? No (I’ll buy you a new one Niamh!). It’s so good, it smells insane and is great for sensitive skin. In the past a lot of products I have tried have ended up stinging the skin around my eyes, but this toner actually leaves my skin feeling soothed and supple (what a peculiar word. I can’t stop repeating it in my head now). So this was fab in the summer if you’ve been sunbathing or if your skin just needs some TLC. Plus, it’s super affordable- £2.69 (love me a good bargain).

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As a bit of a tight-ass I only use my fancy perfumes when I know the smell will last. So I don’t really use it when I’m lounging around a pool, I’m off on a night out or even if I’m off to work. In these instances I use body sprays that are affordable, smell great and last all day. This Ted Baker spray is my go to, it just smells so fresh and pretty. Click here to check it out.


Dry shampoo is my GOD SEND. I love to curl my hair, but am super conscious of damaging it, so often I try and make my hair last around three days before washing it. This is a task for me as my hair can be quite oily- so I lather my hair in dry shampoo and can keep my curls that bit longer! My favourite is the Rose Gold as I think it smells the best.

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Being the pale-ass I am, I love this cream for when I start losing what little tan I have! After my trip to Mallorca I had graduated from pale-ass to more golden-pale-ass, so the minute I started peeling I was adamant I would salvage what I could. I love using this product straight after a shower or before bed. It also dries quickly which is a big thing for me as I can’t think of much worse than that sticky feeling when something doesn’t get absorbed. It just takes me back to super sticky sun cream when I was a child. Did I mention it smells fab? Click here to check it out.

They’ve recently changed the packaging, but if you fancy checking out the body creams click here. (I may, or may not, have also nabbed this from my sister- what can I say, the girl has good taste?!)

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This makes for the perfect ‘I have naturally glossy lips’ look and can totally rescue your lips when they’re looking a little scales-on-a-lizard-like. I used to wear lip gloss a lot more, but then I tried a few that were super sticky and I went off of them. This is one of the few I really love, it looks super pretty on it’s own, or doubled up with a lip stick and there isn’t any of that sticky-lip feeling (nor does your hair get stuck in it… or crumbs –  is that just me?). It comes in a variety of shades and colours, the one I use is 01 Honey.


I try my best to wear bold lipsticks, ones that are more of a statement than a nude, but sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is unnerving. Over the summer I was loving the Mac ‘On Hold‘, it’s a lovely red-ish pink with a little bit of sparkle. I love how it can be worn subtly or as part of a ‘going-out’ look. On holiday I wore it with my bare faced, beachy look to make my lips appear fuller and more defined, while not being bright red. Then when I’m feeling a tad more daring, or am off on a date night, I’ll be a bit more heavy handed to create a full on red lip look. I love lipsticks where you can determine the boldness or that can be mixed with other colours- it makes choosing your lippy much easier when you’re packing for holiday and the investment worth the while!

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Usually I would never think to buy lip balm from Emporio Armani simply due to £££, however having got this in a perfume Christmas package- I totally would. I am terrible at describing smells but, trust me, this smells DiViNe. It’s been a life saver recently where I’ve had chapped lips.


Chub rub is something I have struggled with for years (especially in summer) and this year I found what really works for me (I wrote a blog post on it called ‘Chub Rub‘) and it’s coconut oil. My absolute number one got to for my legs rubbing, I carry around it in one of those little tubs you can buy from Superdrug (I buy them empty and put the coconut oil in myself!) and it stops your legs from being sore for hours. I could go forth and enjoy the warmer weather without discomfort and fear of people knowing! This is at the top of my ‘if you go to a desert island what would you take’ list.

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Want a cheaper alternative to your fake tan? This one is the bommmmb. I’ve tried so many different varieties and this really matches up to the pricier ones. It works over night, doesn’t have that yucky fake tan smell and is really easy to apply evenly.


I love me a face scrub, I feel like it gets those last remains of makeup and muck from throughout the day off. This one smells divine, is great for sensitive skin (not like other ones I’ve used before that feel like sand paper) and works to prevent break outs just as much as it works on getting rid of the ones you already have. I use it once a day before bed.

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You know when you’re 6 and your Mum brushes your hear and you cry (hoping this isn’t just me)? Well that was me a few months back after I had my high lights done (serves me right for going to a dodgey student hairdressers) and I went through every brand of shampoo I could find to fix it. Anyway, Pantene was the best product I used, not only did it not cause a break out (which almost every other did), but it completely got rid of the knotty mess my hair was in.


One of my favourite summer purchases from Bershka (in Mallorca- even when I’m away on holiday apparently I can’t shake the habit of purchasing unnecessary shiz). Jumpsuits are my all time favourite item of clothing: there is none of that leg rub you get with dresses, no butt flashing as with skirts and nobody has to know if you haven’t shaved your legs in a while.


Yup, I am loving them and yes, they did make it to the top 16! They’re huge, come in every colour under the sun and absolutely affordable. I love changing up my cushions every now and then to freshen up my room, I do exactly the same with bedcovers and I always get way too excited about it. Oh and I have no shame!



So in the words of the wonderful Julie Andrews- these are a few of my favourite things!

What are your summer favourites? I’d love to know in the comments!

Bee xoxo


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