Want To Know My Actual Name? (A little bit about me)

I always find myself wondering what people’s instagram bios would say if they could contain more than 150 characters… Does anyone else do this? ⠀⠀

So I’m gonna tell you a little bit more about who I am 💁👋⠀

I’m Bee. Bee is actually my nickname… it’s short for Bronwyn. Bronwyn means white breasted in Welsh (👍) and backwards it’s Nywnorb (which I think is SUPER satisfying to say). I’m a lover of all things green, anything that smells like clementines and am fuelled by strong tea ☕️🍊🌿. I recently Graduated from Warwick University, where I read History, and discovered my love of blogging 🌸 ⠀

The feel of velvet makes me cringe and I love the smell of petrol 🚗 I don’t however love the smell of lavender- to me it’s icky 💐 I adore all things cooking and baking, I am pro-marmite and whisky makes me uncharacteristically angry, so I steer clear of that! My favourite season is Autumn 🍁 though I don’t last 5 minutes into a horror movie so Halloween doesn’t rock my boat 🍂 (last week I saw The House with The Clock in its Wall and personally do not feel it should have been a 12A as it genuinely disturbed me). I over-apologise and am a sucker for bacon frazzles 🥓⠀

That’s me! 👋

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