Changing Room Rage, Body Confidence and Self-Love

‘Don’t sweat the small things’ – am I the only one that has a very different response to this depending on my mood?

If life is mostly sunshine and rainbows, aka. my to-do list is covered in ticks, I would probably agree with not sweating ‘the small stuff’.

But lordy, come near me after an hour in a Next fitting room/ cubicle of hell and tell me not to sweat the fact that size 10 trousers won’t budge past my knees, I might just go  (I can’t see any better way of phrasing this) bat sh*t crazy.

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I am aware that in the grand scheme of planet earth the fact my thighs were too big for the trousers falls into the small stuff most of the time. However self love is tough and, in moments like the above, body confidence can be hard to accomplish when you’re constantly told that a size 12 is plus size *intense eye roll*.

Let’s be honest changing rooms have the potential to be hell on earth at the best of times.

I genuinely think I developed claustrophobia specifically with regards to changing rooms. The panic of putting a top on and NOT BEING ABLE TO GET OUT. You do a sort of jumpy wiggle in desperation. Arms in the air, breathing in as much as you can and preparing yourself to walk out of the changing room to ask for help. Mortifying. Please tell me I’m not the only one?

My point is that when stood in a changing cubicle we are stripped back with, often terrible, lighting showing up every dimple, every roll and every blemish – we are literally stripped bare, we are vulnerable. Isn’t it funny that in our most natural state, when we’re nakey, we tend to feel most insecure?

How many of us have stood looking at our naked self and applied labels? From ‘overweight’ to ‘out of proportion’ these labels are not only harmful, but absolutely unnecessary. If it’s not bad enough that we label our bodies, we now have numbers allocated to them too. These numbers are then put into two categories: plus size or not plus size.

One of my favourite phrases about self-love is:

If you wouldn’t say it to a friend, don’t say it to yourself – Jane Travis.

I love it because it’s true. We should cut ourselves some slack. Especially when stood in a changing room in our noody-pants/ near nakedness having just battled your way out of a shirt.

When you feel yourself being overly negative towards your body, try and think of 5 things you love about yourself. I find self-affirmation really helps when I’m feeling utterly pants, if you fancy seeing the sort of thing’s I use to self-affirm (or if you’re thinking what the heck even is self-affirmation) check out my previous blog here.

Just remember that it really isn’t about the size you are, it’s about how you wear your size. We are all so beautifully unique – embrace it. Nobody does you better than you.

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 18.36.27.png

Flaunt your curves, embrace your imperfections and LOVE YOURSELF.



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