12 Things – Taking Blogging Back To Basics

Every now and again I go through some rocky patches with my blog where I feel unmotivated and disconnected from it. I’m going through one now. I blame it on two things: perfectionism and comparison.

I see all these incredible bloggers really succeeding with their blogs and then, despite knowing it’s completely irrational, use their successes to highlight my weaknesses. I question whether my content is good, I question why my blog doesn’t grow at the same rate as others and I end up feeling like I should be more like them.

Recently I read a blog named ’12 Things’ by Amber who had found herself in a similar rut and I thought I would do a blog post inspired by hers today. 12 Things basically gives me the opportunity to tell you what’s been going on in my life lately. It’s taking blogging back to the basics, before numbers and statistics seemed so important and I was just a home sick Fresher writing simply for escape and enjoyment while channeling my inner Bridget Jones. I hope you enjoy!

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 20.26.59.png

12 Things

  1. Last week I started my new job as a Digital Marketing Executive, which has been an adjustment from being unemployed for two months and I’ve found it pretty challenging as (having just completed my History Degree) Marketing is still new to me. There is a lot to learn, but one thing I keep reminding myself is that I will never be this far in the deep end again.
  2. At the end of September Jack went back to University which has (so far) been OK. Before he left I was dreading it and I don’t really know why, we’ve done long distance before – but being the one at home made me anxious. I guess it’s because being at University there are always lots of distractions, where as I was unemployed at that point!
  3. Long distance makes me appreciate him even more which I think is good for any relationship. We plan things for when we see each other and I look forward to it all week (which also makes the travelling to see each other less of a pain in the bum). I also get a nice little taste of University life every weekend which involves partying, ridiculous lay ins and take aways (so I’m not complaining!)
  4. Having said that, I do miss University. Especially living with one of my best friends, Hannah. Living next door to her was probably one of the best things about University for me.
  5. One thing I have noticed a lot since moving to and from University is how friendships sort of change. At University my best friends from home drifted apart simply because we were across the country and all doing very different things. They were still my best friends but we were less involved in each others lives. But our relationship is one you can pick up where we left off, which I think is so special. Leaving University is exactly the same, friends come and go but never for long and I love that.
  6. I’ve been feeling a little bit self-conscious lately about my blog looking mega narcissistic. Not only is narcissism just not me, it makes me super uncomfortable to even think I may come across this way. My blog and social media platforms just seem to do so much better when my face is plastered all over it and I end up falling into the trap of constantly uploading things to boost the numbers which sort of sucks the creativity out of it. Anyway, I am going to try and spice things up and have a little less face and a little more landscape/buildings/flatlays/dogs on my feed.
  7. Do you ever just look at your life and think I want more? I just feel like I have so many creative ideas just swirling round my head all the time and I never actually do anything about them. Like, I bought a vlogging camera almost a year ago and I love all things doodles and desperately want to start creating my own doodly content for my blog (I have so many ideas for postcards!). I just need to do it. I need a good kick up the bum. 
  8. While we are talking about kicks up the bum – I pay a lot for a gym membership that I keep not going to… plus they keep calling me to see if I’m OK (which I think is a little bit of a forceful marketing technique… I don’t like being told how long I haven’t been!). They’re all ‘you haven’t been for 32 days, are you OK?’ and I’m all ‘Yes Susan, I’m fine – in fact I’ve eaten an entire bag of hamburger flavoured crisps in an hour. They’re a solid 4/10 from me (a little too gerkinny in my opinion) but I ate the lot anyway’
  9. I am OBSESSED with Friends on Netflix. I’ve seen every episode already multiple times, but they never get old.
  10. A lot has been going on at home lately and it’s made me really grateful for all the little things. One of my favourite things to do when I know people I love are having a hard time is send them post cards, even if I live 2 minutes away. Getting something (that isn’t a bill!) always makes people feel special. I always raid Paperchase for any postcards I find heart warming or funny.
  11. I watched a Ben Fogle programme about people living in extreme conditions the other night – it was one of those TV shows your parents make you watch and you sulk (yes I’m 21 and still sulk) because you think it’s gonna be crap but actually you love it – and now I have this real urge to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. I mean, being honest, maybe Kilimanjaro would be pushing it a tad, but I’d love to have something to aim towards and have a real sense of achievement.
  12. I’ve been struggling with my skin again recently, which is totally stress related (with starting my new job and home stuff) and also my hormones are peak. But it really knocks my confidence and so I’ve bought an entirely new range of Garnier products and I’m hoping they work their magic on my face.  Maybe I’ll write a review on here after a month or so!

And that’s it. I know its a little bit all over the place but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless!

Bee xoxo

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