How I’m Overcoming my Acne – My Skincare Story and Garnier Review

The first thing that suffers (besides my sanity) when I feel overwhelmed is my skin – thanking you very muchly mother nature. My skin is a pretty accurate representation of my stress levels and an indicator of how in control I actually feel. (Weirdly enough, my eyeliner is also pretty representative of this too!) 

Puffy eyes, wrinkly, dehydrated skin, spots and dark circles are really not what I need when I’m already feeling not so hot (phwoar what a picture I’m painting).

So I thought I’d share with you my Garnier skin care routine and my skin story. From my acne struggles, my transition from teenage skin to adult skin to having sensitive skin – it’s all here. 

My Skin Care Story

In my early teens my skin got really bad and it was a major insecurity of mine, although I know this isn’t particularly uncommon- it’s one of the sucky parts of being a teenager. But I had lots of spots under the skin and they were beginning to scar.

So after a year or so of trying out different high street products, my Mum and I took a trip down to the Doctors and we were given a cream named Quinoderm. Quinoderm literally stripped my face, it made my (naturally oily combination) skin very dry, itchy and sore. It also did not make my blemishes any easier to conceal… if anything they were even more pronounced on my face. Although, after the initial erosion of my skin, it did clear away my under-the-skin spots. But only for a few months.

My skin quickly became ‘immune’ to Quinoderm… or I assume it did! It just stopped working, and at this point the high street skin care was barely touching my acne. So I was essentially in an even worse position than I was before I started using Quinoderm.

My Aunt recommended using something less invasive and more of a long-term solution… but more pricey: Clinique. I can honestly say that Clinique was a huge game changer for me. By 16 I was using Cliniques’ Teenage Skincare Kit that consisted of a foam, a cleanser and a moisturiser. It worked really well on my skin. But it was also far more expensive than I could afford. So it became one of those gifts I got at Christmas or my birthday, or even at airports!

Age 18-20 and a student, I used mostly high street brands and that was great, my skin had calmed down and I was able to get away with using products such as face scrubs and all things Simple.

But in the last 18 months my skin has flared up again… and its honestly really knocked my confidence. I’m 21 and I feel like I had my fair share of spots in my teenage years, but now I’m going through it all again. This time I can pin point why I have had this sudden flare up and it is simply from changing from a combination contraceptive pill, to a progesterone only pill… and my face did not like it! Or my back… or my chest... and to make it worse, these spots were scarring again. I’ve now changed back to a combined pill, but my spots have not gone anywhere. 

Garnier Product Review

I have sensitive and oily skin, so I did my research on both these things and found that Garnier was up there in the top ten of most affordable and effective skin care. 

These are the products I have been loving!

Anti-Bacterial Bar of Soap from my Local Pharmacy 

This is simply an anti-bacterial soap. After one of my biggest break outs over the past 6 months, I went into my local pharmacy with the intention of having a conversation with the Pharmacist about getting something that could help over the counter. Frankly, he was useless (and rude). However, I did find the section for skin care myself and this bar of soap was about £3 – so I picked it up. BEST. DECISION. EVER. (Sticks fingers up in general direction of rude pharmacist man while sitting in bed writing this). It has just provided me with a clear base to start my skin care routine on every day and I honestly think it’s worked wonders. It’s not Garnier but this is the step I do before I use my Garnier routine. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

This is the next step I do in my skin care routine. I have found in the past that makeup removal wipes have left my face, in particular my eyes, feeling really sore. Micellar Water just doesn’t do that, my general eye area feels fresh but not sticky or oily (I can’t stand that oily eye feeling which blurs your vision with the oil in the product- pure yuck).

Garnier SKINACTIVE Daily Exfoliating Scrubs for Spots and Black Heads 

I have been using this scrub every other day as it can sometimes leave my skin feeling a little bit dry or tight – but it works so well. It just feels so refreshing after a long day to gently scrub and exfoliate away the ick that my skin has been exposed to. It makes me feel properly clean. 

Garnier Refreshing Botanical Toner

This is my favourite step of the routine because it makes my face feel cold and smooth and it smells divine. I know I’ve done a good job on the previous steps if I can look at the face pad after wiping this all over my face and see minimal makeup residue… is that weird? I get a real sense of achievement out of it!

Garnier Refreshing Botanical Cleansing Milk

The final step in my skincare routine is the cleansing milk and it’s so soothing, not at all sticky and is absorbed really quickly. Also – it lasts ages, which is just another bonus!

I hope this helps anyone looking for a new skin care routine or struggling to tackle outbreaks at the moment. Please remember that break outs are normal, everyone has bad skin days, but often we only see the best bits of people’s lives online and makeup really is powerful. Don’t be fooled 🙂 

Oh, and above all, remember YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, exactly as you are. 

What skin care do you use? I would love to know any advice you may have, make sure to leave a comment! Garnier is so affordable and actually works. 

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