What’s In My Makeup Bag

Take a look whats in my every day makeup bag! These are the products I have been loving recently and my everyday face kinda picks. Some of these I have been loving for quite a while now, others I am still getting used to. Nevertheless, this is what’s in my makeup bag right now.

Hi everybody!

I’ve been staring at this screen for about 5 minutes now and I have no idea why a blog that I’m so excited about has led to writers block. So I’m just going to hop straight into this, with no fluffy introduction, just a weird sort of rambling mess (please forgive me!). 

There are 2 things that determine what goes in my day to day makeup bag – a) my sensitive skin and b) the fact that I travel light pretty frequently. 

My Sensitive Skin: 

This has caused, and still causes, me all sorts of problems over the years, so I make sure that every item in my makeup bag is good for my skin. By ‘good’ I mean that it doesn’t cause break outs, red patches, deep acne or random dry patches (mmm I’m painting a pretty picture here!). In the past, I’ve been naively hopeful that the break outs on my forehead have been nothing to do with the change in my foundation. But the reality is, it is almost always the change in products that sets me off! Likewise, shampoo and hair spray can also cause mountain ranges to crop up across my face. It’s always a pain in the bum trying to pin point what exactly causes these nasty break outs but once you know, you know. So my makeup bag only contains the stuff I know works for me. 

If you fancy reading more about my skincare story, you can read more here :)|

Travelling Light Frequently:

I go and stay in Leamington Spa every other week to see my boyfriend (who is in his final year of University of Warwick), and when he’s home I often stay at his. So I have tried to master the whole packing lightly and quickly thing, as I don’t like faffing around every time I go away. It’s very much a routine in which grabbing my makeup bag, knowing everything I need is inside it, adds to the speediness.  

The Bag

An oldy, but goody.

I have had my fair share of makeup bags, in fact it’s probably an item I buy far too many of. But recently I’ve gone back to an old one that my Mum used to have… it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing, but I like to think it’s pretty funky! Plus, I think the frogs are cute 🙂 

The Mascara 

I always start my makeup routine with mascara as I actually like to apply it twice. I have quite short and straight eye lashes, so I curl them and then apply mascara. Then I do the rest of my face, and come back and top up the ends. I just feel like the extra little bit adds to the length and makes them look less stubby! This mascara is the best I have found for holding the curl all day. One of my makeup pet peeves is lashes that have clumped together and resemble spiders legs. It just isn’t ever a good look. So I’m over the moon to have found a mascara that allows me to add length, volume and not have spiders legs for lashes 🙂 

Check it out here

The Foundation 

I consider finding the right foundation for yourself A FREAKIN’ MISSION. I have oily to combination skin (but mostly oily) so I wanted something to counteract the shiny look that my face loves to sport but also needed something that wouldn’t bother my skin. I went through so many different brands, but this is the one I have found to be the best. Plus it’s light weight and breathable, which my pores like. 

Check it out here.

The Powder 

OK so in the name of keeping this an honest ‘What’s in my Makeup Bag?’ – my dog trod on the powder. It’s quite sweet really, she’s really curious so she sits and watches me do my makeup in the morning. But sometimes she gets a little too involved. So yeah, it’s smashed. But waste not want not! I still use it (and occasionally spill it down my work trousers or kneel in it #lifeasanidiot). 

Update: I bought a new powder. I’m going on holiday and I am not risking the smashed up powder in my suitcase! Hence the no-longer-smashed powder. 

Check it out here

Story time: I just remembered something and I feel like I’ll share with you… warning, it’s sort of gross. When Amber was little (lol was she ever little? By little I mean less big, but still big) she was sat with me while I did my makeup one morning and I noticed that she was taking a real interest in my beauty blender. I’d just used it, so it was pretty big from where I had dampened it. Sometimes she picks it up and drop it in my lap with her mouth, which seems sweet but is actually pretty disgusting. Well, this one time, she did this, but instead of it landing in my lap, I heard a gulp. And I panicked. So I automatically started saying her favourite word over and over, like ‘biscuit, biscuit, biscuit’ in the hope she’d, I don’t know, un-swallow it or something. IT ACTUALLY WORKED. She gagged it back up, I gave her a biscuit and stuck my beauty blender in the dishwasher. I’m sort of ashamed to say, I still use it! I trust my dishwasher though, so it’s OK! Is that gross?

The Concealer

I always go back to this one, it’s the bees knees. I find a lot of other concealers are too oily and this one is great coverage for those angry spots that pop up on days when you know a photo will be taken #graduation. 

Also, being the numpty that I am, I forgot to take a picture of the concealer on it’s own. Apologies, but you can follow the link here to see it if you would like. 

The Eyebrow Pencil

I have not been blessed by the eyebrow Gods, I have very light blond hairs and so I always draw them on. However, I am not a fan of the obviously drawn on look. I never have been, I like for people to think I have naturally blond eyebrows (not naturally white which is the honest truth!). I have used a variety of different products and I always come back to this one. It’s got a sponge on one end and a pencil on the other. The sponge is great for creating a natural look and making the whole brow seem a shade darker, then the pencil is fab for the definition on the ends of my brows. I find it lasts a long time too, which is great. 

Check it out here. 

The Lip Stick 

Mehr is probably one of my favourite MAC Lipsticks. It’s a great one for a day to day look. For some reason, I find that my lips and my skin are actually, naturally, not too different in colour. So I like to make sure I have a lipstick in my makeup bag to add a little colour to my lips. However, I have to admit, I shy away from mega bold colours, so this is the perfect mix. It stands out, but it is definitely OK to wear day to day. I’m going to attempt describing the colour as a dark raspberry nude

Check it out here. 

The Duo 

As I said above, my lips and my skin are similar shades, so a lip liner is something I like to have in my day to day makeup bag too. I just love this shade, it’s really subtle and gives definition – and is totally affordable. (If I’m feeling lazy, I’ll just use the lipliner to lightly line my lips and fill in my lips lightly too). I find the two together work really well. 

Check out the lip liner here

The Bronzer

My skin, being as sensitive as it is, has meant I have tried my fair share of bronzers. Despite finding the bare minerals is my all time favourite and best at creating that naturally bronzed, sun kissed look – it’s a little pricey. So recently I have been loving (can you tell?!) this bronzer. It’s subtle and really nice and I have never found it irritates my skin. 

Check it out here

Highlighter- Goddess of Love

Confession: I am a thief. 

This is my sisters. I stole it. In fact, I bought it for her, borrowed it, loved it so much that I ‘adopted’ it as my own and somehow coerced her into being OK with it (probably some sort of trade off!). How bad is that?! 

Anyway, feelings of guilt have vanished because it was totally worth this INSANE highlighter (sorry Niamh). I really like champagne-y shades for my highlighter and prefer warmer colours too. I just find them to be the most natural looking – and this one works a dream. I’m literally using it to death!

Check it out here

So there you have it, the contents of my makeup bag that I use on a daily basis!

I hope you enjoyed the blog post!

Bee xoxo

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