Heroic Boyfriend Beats Knots with miniature Comb: A Tragic Story

Never have I ever sat on the floor sobbing, the night before a Uni deadline, as my boyfriend used a miniature comb to untangle my unintentional dreadlocks for hair *drinks*

During my second year of Uni, I stayed round my boyfriends, the night before a deadline (mistake number 1).

I thought I was prepared but it turns out that bibliographies take a lot longer than you think (mistake number 2).

Oh and I forgot my hair brush (mistake number 3).

So as I got out the shower, already very much worked up (especially as the essay was going well and truly tits up), and realised I had no hair brush and very knotty hair, a tsunami of emotions hit and I had my classic night-before-a-deadline meltdown (is it just me?).

Anywho, my gem of a boyfriend sourced a tiny little comb (honestly, it was small enough to have come out of a cracker!) and he combed through my birds nest of a barnet. While he did that I finished the bibliography and we had it all done by 3AM (I say ‘we’ as it really was a joint effort!).

Recently I have had super knotty hair, unfortunately I never seemed to grow out that childish pain in the arse. So today I went out and bought a mask, a conditioner, a tangler teezer (branded and expensive so it better freakin work) and some detangling spray, intended for children. No. Shame.

Maybe I’ll do a little blog post reviewing these new products but in the meantime, I’ll leave this little story:

When I was at school my friend got her hair stuck in an automatic hand dryer (long story, but it had rained and our hair had got wet… so we used the only thing close to a hair dryer at school- a hand dryer). After the initial giggles as her hair was sucked into the hand dryer, that rapidly turned into terrified screams and a quick trip to the handy man’s office (Dave, an absolute babe), we managed to tease her hair out of the relentless machine. Her hair resembled a squirrels nest and took us a long time to undo the extreme back-combing. My point being, I thought only hand dryers used for the wrong purpose could create such a look. I was wrong. Turns out having your hair bleached can resemble this too.

Sorry for such a ramble blog! I hope you enjoyed 🙂

Bee xoxo

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