Festive Styles for Curvy Girls

The hour glass, or ‘curvy’, figure – the icon of ‘sexy’ and yet the biggest pain in the butt to dress. 

For those that are unfamiliar with the term ‘hour glass’ figure – it’s basically the Marilyn Monroe curves, the coca-cola bottle silhouette and the figure the Kardashians have taken to extremes. It means curvy, a well defined waist, your bust and hip measurements are almost even and you may have fuller boobs, thighs or bottoms. 

I consider myself a curvy girl, I have an hour glass figure and sometimes it’s a little difficult to find an outfit you feel good in. This is the dress I got from John Lewis for my Graduation Ball. 

A little disclaimer – I think all body shapes are B-E-A-utiful, but simply because I have an hour glass figure myself (and find it a nightmare to find clothes that actually fit) I have picked out some outfits that I would personally be drawn to for this reason alone!

Here you go, 5 outfits I would wear this Christmas: 

Billie Faiers Black Polka Dot Twist Front Midi Dress – £25.99, In the Style

I love In the Style especially dresses from the Billie Faiers line as she is the Queen of Curves. If you’re curvy, you want to be emphasising your waist and really working that hour glass figure – and this dress does this. I also adore the length of this dress – it’s both sexy and comfortable! 

Dani Dyer Red Balloon Sleeve Pleated Mini Dress – £29.99, In the Style

Since Dani launched her range in In the Style I have been OBSESSED. This is such a pretty dress, especially for Christmas in that dare devil red. The emphasis on the waist is brilliant for us hour glass girls, the neck line allows you to show off your bosom without it being inappropriate (AKA yes, you can wear it round your Grandparents for Christmas!) and paired with some heels, even if you’re 5ft 3.5 (the 0.5 counts), your legs will look long and slender. RESULT. 

Black Button Front Midi Dress – £22.99, New Look

I have always found that New Look is great for fitting curvy girls, so I always check out their new in section! Buying festive outfits is always fun, but I always have a niggling thought at the back of my mind questioning whether I’ll actually wear the outfit again after Christmas. This dress is perfect for dressing up or dressing down. Not only are the wide sleeves super flattering, the belt also draws attention to your waist, which again (trying not to sound like a broken record) really is the key to slaying with your hour glass figure. This is the sort of dress I would wear boxing day. Why? Honestly, because I reckon I could eat a full blown Christmas meal (and all the rest) and wear this the next day, relax, breath out and still feel good in it. Dats da truth. 

Bronze Metallic Cowl Neck 2 in 1 Culotte Jumpsuit – £29.99, New Look 

50% off my wardrobe is made up of jumpsuits and it’s honestly because you can do pretty much anything while wearing them. This 2 in 1 culotte jumpsuit is perfect for dancing your heart out on New Years Eve or even sitting on the floor, without flashing anyone, while opening presents. It’s sparkly, feminine and a little bit sexier than the ones above! 

Black Glitter Strapless Tie Waist Jumpsuit – £22.99, New Look 

It gathers at the waist, emphasises your bust and, best of all – it’s got trousers for legs which means no thigh rub (wooo) because that’s just hell, let’s be honest. Some statement earring and some spray tan and you’ve got yourself a New Years Eve outfit! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog! Let me know what you think!

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