I Don’t Know About You, I’m Feeling 22!

On 20th January I turned 22! I had 3 birthday cakes (yes, 3 because my Mum is an absolute baking queen and all round babe), drank plenty of prosecco and spent the day with my nearest and dearest. But besides singing my heart out to Taylor Swift, I also reflected on what I’ve learnt thus far.

  1. Plans are overrated (and sometimes go tits up)
  2. Bridget Jones big knickers are always a good idea (and then you don’t sob over ruining your pretty knickers once a month)
  3. Some friends come and go, and that’s OK, the ones worth keeping will put the effort in too
  4. Spanks are the work of the devil (they stop you from doing what you love best – eating, lots)
  5. Say yes more
  6. You can absolutely use a hairdryer to get rid of creases in a shirt
  7. Postcards make people feel happy – write them, send them, spread love and feel good for it
  8. Nobody is as invested in your dreams as you are
  9. Have savings – you never know what’s round the corner (I got made redundant 2 months after graduating LOL didn’t see that coming)
  10. My body is not flawed, it’s perfect the way it is
  11. If you think you have a urine infection – GO TO THE DOCTOR. It just isn’t worth it
  12. Throw away clothes you don’t feel good in – it’s damaging to your confidence and nobody wants to be a hoarder
  13. Wear less black – it really does affect your mood
  14. People’s hygiene levels aren’t always the same as yours (so don’t share tea towels)
  15. Life isn’t a shopping list – stop trying to tick things off and just go with the flow
  16. The 10 second rule is OK (in fact I put my killer immune system to this and working in a nursery)
  17. Prawn cocktails crisps and cherry bakewells are the best stress relievers
  18. Some things aren’t meant to be – like me and black coffee… It just tastes like cack
  19. Listening to Phil Collins makes everything better
  20. You should never answer the question ‘why should I give you this job?’ with ‘I don’t know’. Because that makes you a moron
  21. Laughter fixes almost anything
  22. You’re allowed to change your mind

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