The Benefits of Natural Skincare & Green People Review

Helloooo lovelies,

Today I’m talking about the benefits of natural skincare and will be reviewing some products gifted to me by Green People.

(Before we jump in, I want to make a little disclaimer, I am absolutely no skincare professional, I am merely somebody who has struggled with my skin for years and, from personal experience, completely understand how spots can make you feel insecure and lacking self love. As a result, I am on a mission to find good quality products to help tackle those clusters of spot friends that appear on our faces and can make us feel pants. To read about my skincare story click here)

Choosing Natural Skincare Products

Skincare and cosmetic products are something a lot of us use every day but do we give much thought to what we’re actually putting on our skin? We often choose products based on how they’re marketed, for example if they contain buzz words like anti-ageing, pore-refining or brightening in the description of the product. We can also fall into the trap of using the price as an indicator for the quality of the product and what is in it. But research is now suggesting that natural skincare is the way to go as its a lot better for us, here is why.

Why are natural products better for our skin?

If you wouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your face

Seems pretty obvious but it’s true! If you wouldn’t eat the chemicals, you probably shouldn’t be putting on your face.

Toxic overload

Our bodies are effective at detoxification, but we can overload ourselves with chemicals such as cosmetics, skincare, and even perfume.

It’s important to consider how many chemicals we are actually putting into our bodies.

The environment

Generally, natural products are better for the environment. The chemicals from the production of the skincare itself, alongside us washing the chemicals down the sink after use, can have a negative effect on the environment.

The chemicals can end up in the soil or even the sea.

Limited evidence suggesting these chemicals are good for us

A lot of products have not been around for too long and there can be a significant inconsistency around the world regarding skincare.

For example, paragons, triclosan and phthalates are all used in skincare, despite research suggesting they are bad for our health. Regulations for skincare differ geographically and do not always prevent products that could be damaging for our skin from being made.

Natural products are proven to be more effective

If those reasons aren’t convincing enough, the fact that natural skincare is actually proven to be better at improving your skin should be.

For example our skin loves the antioxidants in natural skincare and it’s argued that natural products have more anti-ageing qualities.


So, with the reasons for choosing natural skincare covered – onto Green People we go!

Green People approached me last month and asked if they could gift me some of their products, suited to my skin type specifically. They told me that I was under no obligation to post about them afterwards, but if I liked the products I could.

Aaaaand I loved the products!

Foaming face wash

One of my favourite things about the Green People skincare is that they have the ‘key benefits’ on the side of all of their products. The Foaming Face Wash key benefits are: purify, tone and anti-blemish. I think it’s super convenient, when you’re trying to tackle a specific skin care problem, to be able to pick up the side of the bottle and see exactly what it targets. Their packaging is also really informative and outlines exactly what is in the product, why it’s important to use natural products on our skin and why specific skin related issues occur. Green People explain how breakouts can happen at any point of our lives and the primary cause of adult blemished skin is chronic stress, which leads to raised hormone levels, an increase in sebum production, blocked pores and infection. I think understanding why your skin is reacting the way it is and what exactly you’re putting on your face is so important.

Link to product here.

Fruit Scrub Exfoliator

I am ultra sensitive to smells and I have to say this range of skincare products has the most incredible scent. They smell quite obviously natural (not like that fake fruit or super artificial smell some products can give off… like strawberry scent smelling like a milkshake, rather than a strawberry, if you get what I mean). They smell natural in a sort of fruit tea way. I was trying to pin point what exactly the smell reminded me of and I realised it was Whittards, the tea shop. When I was little often my Mum would pop in there and it smelt like fruity heaven. Anyway, this Fruit Scrub Exfoliator contains orange blossom, bamboo and hibiscus – which totally explains the scent – and the key features are: refine, cleanse and brighten. The scrub itself is really gentle and has little particles of bamboo to help exfoliate (rather than microbeads, which aren’t so great for the environment). Another benefit of Green People is that their skincare is suitable for people with sensitive skin, including those that have eczema and psoriasis.

Link to product here.

Day Solution Moisturiser

This moisturiser is enriched with probiotics to encourage and support the good bacteria which help keep our skin healthy along with pineapple enzymes to help prevent the build up of dead skin (as if I didn’t love pineapple enough!). It smells (surprise, surprise) amazing, is alcohol-free and feels really light. This is one of my favourite features of the product as applying moisturiser in the morning and being left with a tacky base for your makeup is one of my biggest bug bears. The key benefits are: calm, clear and nourish.

Link to product here.

Blemish Banish Concealer

I have been looking for a tinted moisturiser (or similar) for quite some time now and I think I’ve found the one. You can combine the concealer with the day solution moisturiser for a tinted moisturiser or use it simply as a concealer. Honestly, when I first swabbed it onto my skin I was a little concerned it might be a bit dark for me, as I am quite pale, but it blended really well and gave me a glowy, sun kissed look – which I loved. This product contains pineapple enzymes and tea tree extract, which is well known for it’s ability to maintain healthy blemish-free skin. The key benefits are: conceal, control and reveal.

Link to product here.

A few more reasons I am loving Green People:

  • Green People do not test their products on animals – they test on human volunteers
  • 10% net profit is donated to charity
  • The products they make are certified organic and sustainable – so they are kind to your skin and to our wonderful planet earth
  • They never put profit ahead of ethics – ingredients are sustainably sources and fairly traded
  • Award winning – with over 160 awards for their natural hair and skin care products
  • All packaging is recyclable

If you fancy learning more about Green People or want to try out some of their products (I highly recommend!) click here.

I hope you found this useful!

Bee xoxo

One thought on “The Benefits of Natural Skincare & Green People Review

  1. Great post! I have been on a journey towards living a zero waste lifestyle for about a year now, and I can safely say that natural products make my skin feel so much better! I always thought that I needed a bunch of products to keep my hormonal acne under control, but I actually don’t need any of them (rip – I wish I would have learned that sooner!). Thanks for sharing!!
    -Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? The Chic Cupcake

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