Life Update: Moving Out, London & Our New Flat

Bonjour mon amigos,

I wanted to pop on here and give you a little life update for two reasons – a) I’ve been pretty pants at it recently and as a blogger you’re kinda expected to, ya know, blog and b) I like to document things on my little corner of the internet so I can look back on it!

So yeah, here is a chit chatty life update – I hope you enjoy!

Life update number 1…

I am moving to London

I want to be honest, as I write this I feel like I have an elephant sat on my chest. I feel like I have a list as long as my arm of things to sort out before I go (from sorting home insurance to cancelling my gym membership)…

So if you’re in a what-I-call “stormy” stage of life (i.e. whatever it is weighing you down will pass/settle, but riding out the storm is proving tough) – I am too, so you’re not alone and I’m sending you a storm-buddy-hug.

Just have faith that this season of life is simply that – a season… and seasons come and go!

Anywho, swiftly moving on from my peculiar metaphor and elephant talk – I am moving in less than a month aaaaaand….

I have a flat and I’m moving in with Jack!

Which is exciting and I know is the right thing to do.

Jack and I have been together for 5 years now and the idea of doing long distance again just doesn’t appeal. Plus, we’re moving in with two of our bestest friends, so it’s going to be great fun.

AND, because there are 4 of us moving in and paying rent, our flat is a complete upgrade from the shoddy student accommodations we have lived in before (i.e. the hoover doesn’t have pasta/vomit in it, the shower isn’t clogged up with hair, the walls are actually painted nicely, my mattress doesn’t have pee/puke stains on it and there is NO. BLACK. MOULD! Onwards and upwards in life eh?!)

One thing that I am getting a little nervous about is £££

But I guess most people are conscious of money so I know for sure I’m not alone.

I keep reminding myself that I worked in a place I really didn’t like for as long as I possibly could so that I could move to London comfortably-ish. By that, I mean be able to put down deposits, kit out our flat and have a little buffer for any woopsy-daisies. So every time I look at my bank account and see my savings deteriorate, I remember that I worked hard for that money so that I could have savings in the first place.

Also, currently Jack doesn’t have a job. Which is sucky because he’s trying so hard to get one, but getting part time positions isn’t always easy. I don’t know if I mentioned before, but both Jack and I are doing Masters and working at the same time. My Masters is tied in with a job, whereas his isn’t, so it’s less straight forward.

***Having said I’m nervous about money – which I am – I have left some of the bits we have bought for the room below. But want to explain that I was adamant this new flat would feel like home, when I moved to University I was miserably home sick and I think making a room feel homely plays a big role in preventing that! So I put aside a budget specifically to do up our room.***

A few bits we have bought for the room:

Emerald Green Velvet Pouffe

White Duvet Cover

Velvet Emerald Green Cushions

Bed Throw

White Desk Vanity

Heather Grey Fabric Alexa

Disclaimer again, lol sorry, I know it seems like a lot of green haha, but our bedroom has white walls, has all white furniture and a light grey headboard for our bed… so the green should be a pop of colour and not too much!


Through the last few months, I’ve been desperately wanting to start publishing some illustrations of mine.

I bought an iPad around Christmas time and find doodling the day away really relaxing, however I have been putting off publishing them because I’m a little too hung up on perfection – so I’m just gonna do it!

Anyway, I’ve been a busy-Bee recently and I am slowly preparing to launch a proper Instagram page dedicated to my illustrations – so keep an eye out for that!

Personally, when I feel like life is running away with me a little bit and I start to feel overwhelmed, taking it back to basics really helps. Ask yourself “What makes me happy?”.

Besides movie nights, chocolate and beach walks, for me, it’s doodles. Whether they’re my own, or other peoples – if it’s female empowerment, relatable or even if it just makes me chuckle – I’m down for it.

I’ve found investing time in what I love doing has made all the balls I’m juggling seem far more manageable and everything seem a lot less daunting.

I hope you enjoy reading this little rambly blog! I’d love to know what makes you happy or whether you’re in a particularly tricky season in life and how you’re managing it.


Bee xoxo

2 thoughts on “Life Update: Moving Out, London & Our New Flat

  1. Oh that is so exciting that you are moving to London. I think you’ll love it, especially as you have a little friendship group and your boyfriend already moving with you so you have a little friendship group already made to explore London with :).

    There are always loads of bar / coffee shop jobs floating about if your boyfriend is looking for that sort of work whilst completing his Master’s :).

    Good luck, i hope you love London!

    Sarah xo Oomph London


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