Dear Diary – Moving In

Dear Diary,

I can now say I have officially lived in London for 12 days!

I’ve ordered my Tescos food shop to my boyfriends parents, I’ve got on the wrong train/tube a total of 7 times (?!) and have admitted that Canary Wharf has defeated me – no matter how many times I go there I can never get from the DLR to the tube station. Heads up, the Tiffany’s security guards are lovely and always point me in the right direction!

Oh and I also had to deal with a load of boring maintenance issues while Jack was away training in Nottingham for a week, which included a broken sink, a dodgy dishwasher, a not-actually-broken-but-I-thought-it-was extractor fan and the list goes on. So I had to do the adult thing and get “a man” in – you know those handy men then seem to have magic powers and fix everything in seconds. Yeah one of those.

But on the whole, it’s gone splendidly.

Despite being ridiculously nervous about moving out, it’s actually gone really smoothly and so far I am loving it.

The weeknights leading up to moving out were spent lying in bed worrying about whether I would get to London and become miserably homesick, just as I had done in Freshers. I was worried I would feel too far away.

But none of that has happened at all.

I actually LOVE living here. I like the constant noises, the hustle and bustle and how everything is on my doorstep (including Harrods – bring on Christmas!).

Week 1

Jack was away training and, frankly, by the end of the week, I was bored of my own company. I think it’s good to be comfortable on your own, independent even – but I was so excited for Jack to come back.

I called my parents a few times in the first week, which was lovely as the evenings felt really long and I’m not really a TV binge watcher. In fact the entire week I didn’t watch any TV. I just get twitchy on my own and end up flicking it off.

One of my biggest concerns about moving out was feeling far away from my Grandparents.

When I was at University, one of my Grandad’s became really unwell and I’ve never felt further away from home in my life. Unfortunately, it was right in the middle of exams and I couldn’t come home. He’s in good health now (thank goodness), but I like to call them and make sure they’re OK.

So we decided that every Thursday, we will call each other and have a natter.

I spent a lot of my first week people watching too – I live in a block of flats opposite another block of flats and the things people do. There is one dude who struts around in the nude – which makes people-watching a horrible experience and draw to a close prematurely and swiftly.

Week 2

Jack has been back for the majority of the week which has been lovely, but this week has been loooong. I’ve still trying to get into the swing of things with my new job and I feel like there is so much to learn.

I’ve actually somehow managed to get lost more this week than the week before… how is that even possible?! Probs because I’m a plonker with no sense of direction.

On the up side – this week I have no blisters (can I have a whoop whoop).

The low point of this week was the Tescos food shop which I need to let go. Honestly, every time I think about it, I’m filled with rage. Which is daft.

I entered our new address into the online shopping website, then remembered I hadn’t ordered something, pressed back (lost the new address) then clicked “pay now” like the dopey twonk I am.

But that’s OK, Jack’s parents have plenty of curly fries and frozen raspberries!

I actually thought Jack would be ticked off at me (because we had spent £50 and aren’t exactly rolling in dollar right now) but he was in hysterics, he thought it was hilarious. I, on the other hand, sat there let out a sob and downed my wine.

Anywho, it happens. We learn from it. Tis cool.

The weekend

This weekend our flatmates are moving in and I can’t wait. It’s going to be so nice living with out best friends, our flat is really lovely and on Saturday we’re off to Covent Garden!

I hope you have a lovely weekend ❤

Bee xoxo

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