Things I think in the Gym

Things I think in the Gym

Forgot my earphones. Again. Every girl in Leamington is in this gym tonight. Crikey. It stinks. Why are there never any treadmills?! Bike it is. Why do gyms place random mirrors around? It's actually so off putting watching myself cycle. Like, is that what I look like?! How have I only been on this machine [...]

A Little Life Update

Hi everyone! I feel as though I haven't posted anything on here for ages, but the last two weeks have been the hardest of my entire University experience.With a History Degree, it's kind of expected to feel as though the deadlines are never ending- 50% of the course is based on coursework. But crikey, the [...]

What I want to achieve in my 20th year on Earth!

Hi guys, I have been pretty absent recently, but plan to reboot this blog and start writing more frequently again. I'm certainly not making excuses, but Second Year of University is proving to be pretty challenging... really, really challenging actually! I often make New Years Resolutions but never seem to stick to them and just [...]

Skool Dayz

Skool Dayz

Hello! Every term Warwick University hold an event called "Skool Dayz", where you dress like school kids and dance to school disco songs. As someone that has particularly outdated music taste- this is my cup of tea! Put me in a club playing busted, mcfly, Blink-182, Fatboyslim, spice girls and Robbie Williams and I am [...]

Lifesum Review

Hello! I have found that staying healthy at University is not an easy task, with take outs on every corner, alcohol being pretty central to nights out and even with the amount of physical activity my History Degree demands. Having to avoid dairy, gluten and the majority of fruit has made this task even more [...]


Hello! Sorry for not being as up to date with the blogs recently, I have had 4 deadlines in the space of 2 weeks and it has been STRESSFUL to say the least. However, my final deadline is on Thursday and then I will be back to posting weekly. Feeling under pressure recently has certainly [...]


Undoubtedly one of the best things about University are the events and this year was awesome. Hannah and I decided that instead of spending money on an outfit, we would invest time on our makeup: it's so easy to get all Halloween-y and spend very little! Our local shop is Asda and they actually have [...]


Since my last blog I have: Had a typical University melt down on the phone to my Dad. Eaten spaghetti bolognese. Done prereading that was never discussed and was a waste of time. Ate a whole bag of chocolate buttons. And I'm lactose intolerant. Probably my lowest point. Went to still life drawing classes with [...]