My First University Supermarket Shop (Lacto-Free)

Hey everyone! Today's blog is all about my first University Shopping list. As a 3rd year, this is my third and last (yikes) 'first' food shop. Over the last two years, and many shopping trips, I have discovered I am actually quite frugal. I am more than happy to go for the supermarket own products- [...]

What you REALLY need for University

Packing to move to University can sometimes be overwhelming, which is totally understandable given that you're essentially moving out. Well, kind of. University is a brilliant stepping stone from living at home to having your own place. I am going into my third year of University and I have learnt so much about self-sufficiency, the [...]

50 ways to prevent feeling overwhelmed- taking back control and self-care

Make a weekly “to-do” list. Mind-map all the little things playing on your mind- no matter how seemingly insignificant. Have a weekly pamper session- tan, nails, hair etc. Take a hot bath. Remind yourself of your importance. Lay in the sunshine. Make your bed. Choose a new book to read. Put on fresh comfortable clothing. [...]

Top 8: Things I am looking forward to this Summer

It's officially Summer! That means BBQ's, beach days, bikinis and knobbly bobblies! This is just a little post to discuss the things I am most excited about this coming Summer. There is something about Summer that makes everyone seem happier. Life just seems to have more of a buzz to it. Plus it's friggin beautiful [...]