Girl Struggles

Girl Struggles

There are so many reasons that being a girl rules. For example, we never catch anything when pulling our flies up! Plus, on a more catastrophic note, the world literally wouldn’t exist without women #girlpower. But in today’s blog I’m going to talk about the realities of being a girl. The #girlstruggles. Here are the [...]

My First University Supermarket Shop (Lacto-Free)

Hey everyone! Today's blog is all about my first University Shopping list. As a 3rd year, this is my third and last (yikes) 'first' food shop. Over the last two years, and many shopping trips, I have discovered I am actually quite frugal. I am more than happy to go for the supermarket own products- [...]

What I want to achieve in my 20th year on Earth!

Hi guys, I have been pretty absent recently, but plan to reboot this blog and start writing more frequently again. I'm certainly not making excuses, but Second Year of University is proving to be pretty challenging... really, really challenging actually! I often make New Years Resolutions but never seem to stick to them and just [...]


Hello! Sorry for not being as up to date with the blogs recently, I have had 4 deadlines in the space of 2 weeks and it has been STRESSFUL to say the least. However, my final deadline is on Thursday and then I will be back to posting weekly. Feeling under pressure recently has certainly [...]

I Tripped…

Today was one of those days!  I woke up this morning with a sore foot, looked at it, and there was glass in the sole of my foot. We then did pre-reading before we left for our first Lecture at 11. No Seminar Tutor arrived to our Lecture, so we went and got coffee! I [...]

24 Hour Update

The Last 24 Hours of my Life: Never been to Aldi before, but did my shop there- £19 for a week shop! (They don't do lacto-free anything though, which was a bummer). Had salmon pasta for tea last night. Watched Poldark with Hannah last night, on her bed while doing my nails. Did a L'Oreal [...]